Monalisa dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid

With a vision to grow into one of the world’s leading companies in the field of medical products production, GENOSS Co. has been continuously developing since its foundation in the spirit of respect for human life. Through technological innovation, the company has made great strides in the rapidly changing and highly competitive global biotechnology market.

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid that we present to you are one of their best products.

Sineks medical d.o.o. from Belgrade can proudly point out the company GENOSS as one of its partners. We tried our best to provide you with the best quality products from our partner, MONALISA dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid.

One of the main characteristics of MONALISA dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid is that they retain the effect of excellent volume already in the initial period of the procedure and naturally degrade over time.

It instantly improves the condition of wrinkles and has high bio-compatibility.

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, which is actually a protein found naturally in the skin. Scientific studies have shown that hyaluronic acid helps improve skin hydration and collagen production, fights free radicals, maintains skin elasticity, and even has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help heal wounds.

The push bar and handle design have been developed to fit different hand sizes and prevent slipping, so that the user can use them with as little effort as possible.

  • 1.

    Effect and maintenance of volume

    Hyaluronic acid particles of equal size with optimal viscoelasticity can maintain long-lasting volume.

  • 2.

    Dermal fillers are safe to use

    MONALISA is safe for patient use due to low endotoxin levels and is essentially free of BDDE[1] residue.

  • 3.

    Simple procedural handling

    The ergonomically designed bar and handle allow for even distribution of pressure during injection to enable precise and safe treatment for both the patient and the doctor.

  • 4.

    Hyaluronic acid of high purity

    GENOSS implements a strict quality control system through direct involvement in the entire production process from the basic hyaluronic acid material to the final product.

  • 5.

    Global standard of quality control

    In order to guarantee the quality of MONALISA products, GENOSS strictly meets and satisfies the requirements of international quality regulations, including KGMP, ISO 13485 and ISO 9001.

monalisa dermalni fileri sa hijaluronom



[1] BBDE – 1,4-butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) is a chemical cross-linking agent that produces hyaluronic acid in gel form. BDDE residue must not exceed 2ppm. In MONALISA, BDDE residue was not detected.

The certification body DOO Pancert Novi Sad renewed the Certificate for the implementation of the quality management system in accordance with SRPS ISO 9001:2015 standards for the wholesale trade of medical devices.

MONALISA information:

tel: 069/614 996