Ex Em Foam-IQ Medical Ventures B.V. is a business incubator for the production of medical devices and equipment, founded with the aim of overcoming the traditional difficulties of technology transfer of medical products.

The aforementioned incubator not only represents a combination of two decades of experience combined with the skills and ideas of physicians and surgeons, but also an environment where clinical inventors can easily join our team.

A place where we combine hospital infrastructure with our own network.

The procedure carried out in this way and with the help of ExEm foam is an extremely effective procedure for testing the patency of the fallopian tubes.

The technique was tested in a laparoscopically controlled study. Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HiCoSi) compared to Hysterosalpingography (HSG), can diagnose female subfertility much more accurately and easily.

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ExEm gel is considered safe because the components are well known and have been used intravenously and in the abdominal cavity for other medical purposes. There are no known serious side effects.

In a randomized controlled trial, HiFoSi was found to be less painful than HSG. There are also signs that HiFoSi may improve women’s chances of pregnancy, although this needs to be further investigated through future studies before more definitive conclusions can be reached.

Today, we are proud of ExEm foam, which is used in over 400,000 procedures worldwide, as well as being recognized as a unique product on the market, offering gynecologists a tubal patency test in their office.

For tubal patency testing, Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography with ExEm foam performs better than Hysterosalpingography in combination with saline, in terms of accuracy.

For this reason, the HiCoSi method is increasingly taking precedence when it comes to reviews of this type.

Since 2007, ExEm Gel has been available as a component of the GIS Kit (intra-uterine scan), as well as part of the ExEm Foam Kit (tubal patency testing) since its launch in March 2010.


Fallopian tube patency test using ultrasound

The procedure was carried out in the outpatient clinic

Highly echogenic foam – Superior filling image

Gel foam is easy to use, easy to inject, which allows for short and practical procedures

Specifičnost i selektivnost: uporediva ili bolja od HSG – minimiziranje potrebe za radijacijom

Reduced patient discomfort – VAS pain is 60% less compared to HSG

Perfect control over the distribution of gel foam, excellent patency through the fallopian tubes

Scientifically proven and with several publications in professional renowned journals

To date, more than 400,000 procedures have been performed in the world - distributed in over 50 countries

4 independent publications involving more than 800 patients reported 30 – 46.1% spontaneous pregnancies within 2 to 6 months after a HiFoSi procedure using ExEm foam

exem pena

ExEm information: office@sineksmedical.com , tel: 011 450 88 66