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INDIBA®-Animal Health

Animal Health INDIBA® is a brand owned by INDIBA S.A., created specifically for use on animals by experts in this sector. Its monopolar CAP/RES technology radio frequency is fixed at 448 kHz, which is also the optimal frequency, based and proven through more than 300 scientific references.

This allows INDIBA® Animal Health devices to be an effective and safe therapeutic tool for both animals and users.

We assure that the applied technology is not only an effective therapy, but that it creates well-being and improves the quality of life of animals. The reason is precisely that INDIBA® Animal Health activates the body’s natural mechanisms and influences it to regenerate and rehabilitate with the help of cellular bio-stimulation, encouraging the improvement of blood flow and relieving pain.

A New Era in Animal Rehabilitation


A device designed for exclusive use on animals

Due to the fact that it works in a closed circuit, this type of therapy enables penetration to greater depths in the body, which is not characteristic of the other therapeutic modalities present, because they do not have this possibility.

Our team of professionals, founded exclusively by veterinarians and animal physiotherapy specialists, collaborates with professionals who use our technology.
In this regard, we provide new users with induction training, as well as basic and advanced courses for the use of INDIBA® Animal Health with constant technical support, in order to help our clients achieve the best results in their work with their patients.

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Indiba Animal Health Treatments

Protocols can be adapted to each animal species.
The versatility in use of INDIBA® Animal Health allows its application not only for the rehabilitation and recovery of musculoskeletal injuries, but also for improving the performance of competitive animals, as well as the quality of life of older and geriatric animals.

INDIBA® Animal Health can be used in these key areas

Rehabilitation and recovery

Therapeutic treatment of acute, subacute and chronic lesions, whether conservative or post-surgical methods are involved, with significantly reduced recovery time, due to characteristic biostimulatory effects.
INDIBA® can be combined with any other therapeutic modalities, improving elasticity, blood flow and reducing pain in the treated tissues.


  • Accelerate the recovery of acute and chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system (tendinitis, arthritis, bursitis, desmitis, muscle tightness, etc.)
  • Postsurgical recovery (including the presence of metal implants and materials for osteosynthesis)
  • Improving tissue flexibility (muscles, ligaments, tendons)
  • Heat therapy (superficial and deep local hyperthermia)
  • Lymph drainage
  • Edema drainage
  • Anti-inflammatory, analgesic
  • Improvement of muscle stability and recovery of mobility in neurological processes affecting the musculoskeletal system
  • Facilitating manual therapy and rehabilitation exercises
  • Complementary therapy with other therapeutic modalities

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INDIBA® Animal Health-Performance

Improving performance is one of the main goals for animals used for sporting purposes, and INDIBA® Animal Health Therapy is a tool that can help achieve this goal.

  • Pre-warming up before training: improves blood flow to the tissues allowing for a greater intake of nutrients and oxygen
  • Improving tissue flexibility
  • Analgesic in painful areas, especially in deep areas
  • Post-workout recovery due to drainage of catabolites (e.g. Lactic acid)
  • Contracture and muscle stiffness treatments
  • Treatment of trigger points

Some of the indications for use are:

  • Before the beginning of sports preparations
  • To reduce pain
  • In cases of tendinopathy
  • For muscle recovery
  • For hematoma

Injury prevention

By implementing and incorporating INDIBA® Animal Health into daily practice, it can help keep the patient in optimal condition while using it as a tool to facilitate the implementation of other rehabilitation protocols.

Prevention is the best way to avoid injury, while ensuring that an animal, especially a competing one, remains healthy and performing at its best for as long as possible.

Therapeutic combinations:

  • Manual therapy (mobilization, chiropractic, massage…)
  • Relaxation and recovery therapy after exercise
  • Post-exercise therapy after running (conventional or underwater)
  • Physio-aesthetics


  • Improving range of motion
  • Improving tissue flexibility
  • Increase in blood flow
  • Access to deep tissues that cannot be accessed by other therapeutic modalities

Pain management

Pain management is one of the main goals in the presence of injury, and especially in patients with painful chronic degenerative diseases.
The use of INDIBA® Animal Health in such patients enables the management of pain, especially in cases where chronic phenomena are pronounced, and in such a way as to reduce the use of analgesics (which can be in large doses) and avoid the side effects that they usually create.
That is why INDIBA® Animal health is the ideal supplement for therapy in these patients.


  • Acute phase injuries (bio stimulation method)
  • Chronic injuries in the stage (vascularization regime)
  • Degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system with chronic pain (arthritis, osteoarthritis, dysplasia, desmitis of the sacroiliac ligament, etc.)
  • Post operative recovery
  • Painful disease of neurological origin

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INDIBA® Animal Health

offers the veterinary sector specialized devices that are adapted to each animal species, taking into account the differences in their sizes, weights and physical characteristics.


A specific device for use in small animals, with power, protocols and accessories adapted to these species.
• CAP/RES cables and handles
• Return plates
• Remote control

• Monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES
• Frequency 448 kHz
• 7-inch touch screen
• Operating programs: Free mode, built-in protocols and customizable Wi-Fi connection programs


A specific device intended for use on horses, with power, protocols and accessories adapted for this species.
• CAP/RES cables and handles
• CAP/RES electrodes
• Return plate
• Remote control

• Monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES
• Frequency 448 kHz
• High power for large body surfaces
• Robust device

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Innovation in high technology and design. Equus takes radio frequency technology to a whole new level with a device 100% developed for equine professionals and the equine environment.

Equus is the first line of devices at INDIBA and on the radio frequency market completely designed and adapted to the needs of the equestrian environment. Resistant, powerful, elegant, stylish, practical. It’s Equus.


INDIBA® Animal Health devices include all the basic accessories for treatment application (cables, electrodes, return plates…), and additional equipment can also be selected:
• Purse
• VET conductive gel
• Masseurs

NOTE: INDIBA® Animal Health

is a device for veterinary use only. INDIBA® Animal Health does not recommend the use of its devices on non-approved animal species. INDIBA® Animal Health conducts training activities for all users and is not responsible for damage caused by misuse of the device or its use on other species or humans. Similarly, INDIBA devices intended for human use should not be used on animals.